Jan Aakansha has been working in the rural areas of Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh since 1997. The organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act in the year 2000. It is a group of professionals committed to the cause of development in different sectors.

After registration with the firms and societies the name of the organization was changed to Jan Aakansha. Initially we had three Doctors voluntarily working with the organization. But now a panel of nine doctors is constantly attending our health camps, working part and full time with Jan Aakansha in the rural areas of Hoshangabad district.

A holistic approach towards attaining the objectives of the organization has been applied by us. A very strong youth group highly motivated has been developed as the out come of the interventions of Jan Aakansha in making an effort to eradicate illiteracy and ignorance. Workings towards empowering women helping them come out as a strong action force.

Working with children we have formed small groups and interact with them on social issues. Jan Aakansha emphasis on Health as a Major issue of concern in these areas that need prior attention. Our attempt is to bring about a change in the socio economic condition of The rural people and play catalyst paving their way towards development and health.

Jan Aakansha has partnered CARE in their Maternal Infant Survival programme in around 40 villages .The beneficiaries were women and children who were deprived of the health and nutritional services. The major focus was on the reduction of maternal and infant deaths.CBOs was formed to monitor and carry out the activities related to health in the villages. Recently we are associated with WHO on tobacco control project in the villages of Hoshangabad district. We have worked with the District Hospital TB center on health in the rural areas.


Society registration number: 7698/2000

FCRA registration number: 063290016

12 A registration number: SI.NO. 96/08-09

80 G registration number: S.I. NO. 25/10-11

TAN number: BPLJ02785G


1) Equity and inclusion is an essential component of social development

2) Essential dignity and ethical worth of the individual.

3) Belief that every individual has capacity there is only the need to tap the capacity and nurture it.

4) Belief that there is a need of an enabling social environment for individual development.


Reshma Dixit is the director of JanAakansha NGO located in Hoshangabad. She has done BSW and MSW from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is pursuing PHD from Delhi University(DU) and She is doing freelancing consultant.
She has given a presentation about NGO and represented our country INDIA in London (U.K.). From her childhood, she taking interest about Non-Governmental Organization

Vision and Mission statement

Jan Aakansha is an organization working with a vision and a mission to change the social-economic conditions of the villagers and empower them to realize their rights and demand equitable access to resources. It is working as a catalyst trying to pave their way towards development.


  • To promote general health and provide health facilities in urban and rural areas
  • To provide enriching and meaningful education to children and youth.
  • To promote women empowerment through education and economic independence.
  • To create awareness of social problem

Our Future Plan

The organization plans to grow and branch out to other programs and leverage funds from more organizations working on children and women’s issues. Jan Aakansha is an organization working with a vision and a mission to change the social-economic conditions of the villagers. It is working as a catalyst trying to pave their way towards development.